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• BOOKING • Once you have filled out the form on my "contact" page, letting me know what type of session you would like and leaving your details with me. I will get in touch you so we can discuss your session, location and a date & time that works for us both. I will then follow up with a contract and invoice where your booking fee will become due. Once I have recieved your fee and signed contract, you're in the diary!

• SESSION GUIDE & QUESTIONNAIRE • Prior to our meeting, I will email you a session guide containing some tips and styling advice to help you prepare. I will also send across a questionnaire to help me get to know you / your Family a little better and ask for a little insight of what you are looking for from your session to make sure we get the most out of your time.

• ON THE DAY • I will meet you at your chosen location or arrive at your home for the time we planned and we will let the session flow from there. I like to keep the vibe as relaxed as possible, we'll chat, get you feeling as comfortable as possible. Offering gentle guidance and prompts, I leave room for you to play around and have fun with eachother. I encourage as much closeness and cuddles as you are comfortable with, capturing your connection is my aim.

• AFTER YOUR SESSION • Approx. 4 weeks after your session, you will recieve an email with a link and password to gain access to your online gallery. You can then select which images you would like by creating a list of your favourites. There is also the option to purchase additional images / your full gallery if you wish. You can purchase high quality prints of your images in a variety of sizes, which will be packaged and delievered to your home address. Please just ask for options / pricing.

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WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR ? Your Session guide will give you a few tips on what clothing photographs well. Keep the location and the season in mind when selecting outfits and of course if you need any further help, please just reach out!

WHAT DO WE NEED TO BRING WITH US ? If you have any props in mind you would love to bring along, please feel free to discuss it with me before hand so I can know your vision. You're welcome to bring a change of clothing along too but bare in mind if we're shooting outdoors,this is also where you will be changing. If your coming along with little ones, think of their comforts. Things that help peacify them or evan bribe them if you really need too! Snacks can be a lifesaver with littles but you want to keep their clothing clean as possible during your shoot, so avoid snacks that can be potentially messy!

WHAT IF THE KIDS DON'T CO-OPERATE ? Children have thier own minds and sometimes just want to do what they want to do! Please don't ever feel put off or let it stress you if you feel your Children are being excitable / a little difficult during our session, I'm a Mother myself, I've seen it all before! My best advice would be, if you can and it's safe to do so. Let go of any expectations, just breathe and let it be. Focus on having an adventure together, make it fun and generally they will follow but if all else fails and big emotions take over, we simply step back and take a break to give them the space they need to regulate themselves again then bring them back into the session when they are ready. Again- snacks and comforts can help in times like this.

WHAT IF IT RAINS ? Don't panic! If it comes to it and the good old British weather strikes. We will simply re-schedule your session to a later date. However, I don't mind a light shower so if you're happy to go ahead and embrace it. We certainly can!

If there's anything else you have in mind that you would love to discuss,

please follow the link below and reach out via the contact page on my website or you can drop me an email me at

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