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Hello lovely,


Image by Magda Bury

I'm Tanya 

 Photographer | Storyteller | Memory maker 

I'm Mama to 2 littles - My darling girl, who's actually not so little anymore ( weep ) and my sweet boy, who is just discovering the world and without a doubt, keeping me on my toes! Both fill my heart with so much joy. 

I never thought I would get married growing up, but I'm the lucky Wife, of a gorgeous man with a heart as big as the moon. 

We have 3 little creatures who also rely on us for Food. A Chinchilla, a Toad and a Pug!

I love long walks, surrounded by nature. Switching off to all distractions. Breathing in the beauty and just being. 

 I've been a Professional Singer since the age of 13, so music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to all sorts but P!NK, Phil Collins, Imelda May & Fleetwood mac are some of my favs!

I consume nuts faster than a squirrel preparing for the winter. Pistachios / Cashews being my nut of choice. 

I love to workout! Stepping in the gym, getting in that 'zone'.. that feeling of accomplishment after, it's addictive!

I spend wayyy to much money in coffee shops. ( My Husband would agree )

I love mushrooms! the type you can eat and the fungi you see in the forest that I'm never sure would be safe to consume or not! There's just something I find magical about it... And now my business logo should make sense! :-)  

My Inspiration 

It's quite simply, my own Family.

Utterly besotted with the brand new life you've just brought into the world or saying 'I DO' with the person who makes you think forever doesn't quite seem long enough  ?

I've been there and I know how those moments  made me feel and still do now every single time I sit looking back, swooning over old snapshots that make up our life story. 


I love meeting new people, finding out a little bit about them, observing how they interact with each other. Seeing them so consumed in special life events that are so personal to them.  Entangled in love together. I feel really blessed to be a part of that. The love between a Mother and her Child, knowing just how I feel for my own Children. The Connection between newly weds, knowing how that feels when I look at my own Husband.  Meeting people where they are in life, whatever their story and being able to savour a glimpse of that through my lens, that speaks to my soul. 

" Whatever the moment brings,
whatever season of life you are in.
The now is always worth capturing.
These are the days. " 

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