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Newborn at home 

You never really understand just how quickly time passes until you watch your own little one grow right before your eyes. You hear it so many times..
" They grow so quick." .. "Enjoy it, they'll be running around before you know it." .and you smile and nod, only half understanding what they mean. 

This precious, tiny, helpless little human that is half you and half the person you love comes along and you end up in this little baby bubble overwhelm and awe. The days become a bit of a blur of sleep deprivation, milk and endless onesies. The days turn into weeks, then they are ready to move up a size in clothes and that sweet first smile where your not really sure if it's wind or an 'actual' smile happens and you feel like somehow, you still didn't quite get enough time to soak it all in. 

That baggy, flaky skin that they are yet to fill out, fuzzy baby hair and those teeny tiny wrinkled feet you've been feeling kicking inside for so long, now earth side, as perfect as can be. This is why it is so important to capture them when they're fresh, because they really do change so quickly. 

Let me spend some time with you and capture your bond, that radiating energy of unconditional love and all those precious details of your little one so you can always remember this fleeting season.

Newborn Photo Session | In home Session | Breastfeeding Photo Session | Natural Newborn Photography | Stockton-On-Tees | 

" Whatever the moment brings,
whatever season of life you are in.
The now is always worth capturing.
These are the days. " 

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