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Maternity session at Osmotherley  

Pregnancy is such a wild ride, isn't it ?
All those hormones rushing through you, seeing your body change before your eyes, imagining what life will be like when this new little one comes along, who is half you and half the person you love.
What they will look like and who they will grow to be. 

Can you remember how it felt seeing your tiny babe on that screen for the first time?
That first little flutter of movement. Isn't it a truly phenomenal thing that we can make, grow and birth life?
How strong and resilient your body is and what is is capable of is just magnificent.
I know in my own 2 pregnancies, each have been very different. The first I felt like I sailed through, the 2nd wasn't so easy. 
But both times I LOVED having a big, round, beautiful bump and I still often look back on the photographs taken throughout both of my pregnancies. 

I hope you do feel amazing in your pregnancy and appreciate your body for everything it is is doing, your babies first home. But, even if your pregnancy is a little more challenging than you would of hoped or you maybe don't feel like getting in front of the camera right now, I urge you to have a Maternity session.
You can include your Partner, Family or have the focus all on you Mama. Let these captured moments be a reminder of a time filled with excitement and wonder for this precious baby you just can't wait to meet!


Maternity Photo Session | Outdoor Session | Osmotherley, North Yorkshire  | Natural Photography | Stockton-On-Tees | 

" Whatever the moment brings,
whatever season of life you are in.
The now is always worth capturing.
These are the days. " 

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