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Breastfeeding session at the beach 

These sessions are always really special for me.
I'm a breastfeeding advocate, currently on my 2nd BF journey. 

There is nothing quite like the closeness and comfort that breastfeeding your little one brings with it, not forgetting the challenges we can sometimes face.
I totally appreciate and respect your journey, whatever stage you are at, it really is such a beautiful season to document.   

Weather they are a tiny fresh baby or a flailing limbed toddler,
it brings with it so many benefits.
It provides them with nutrition, immunities and vitamins to help protect them from illness and allergies and so much more.. 

I encourage you to have a breastfeeding photo session at least once and celebrate this amazing milestone you have achieved.. you won't regret it! 

Breastfeeding Photo Session |  Motherhood | Beach Photo Session | Seaton Carew Beach | Hartlepool | Teesside 

" Whatever the moment brings,
whatever season of life you are in.
The now is always worth capturing.
These are the days. " 

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